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1370 Veterans Parkway, Suite 1000  Clarksville, IN  47129                                                                                                                        (812) 725-1444


What We Buy

We are happy to buy children’s apparel (newborn to size 14), shoes, boots, and slippers.  If you are unsure if we will accept an item, contact us before you bring it in for us to look at.  Please note that we do not buy stuffed  animals, maternity apparel, car seats, baby bathtubs, bedding, Diaper Genies,children’s furniture, cribs, Pack-N-Plays, books, puzzles, exersaucers, toys, swings and strollers or breast pumps.

  • Spring & Summer clothing is accepted from January – May (up to 2 totes at a time)
  • Fall & Winter clothing is accepted from July – November (up to 2 totes at a time)
  • We buy blue jeans year round!
    • We buy items that are in excellent condition and are current styles.
    • We accept clothing that is freshly laundered and neatly folded.
    • We accept clothing in storage totes, laundry baskets, or clean boxes.
    • We cannot accept any clothing in plastic bags, trash bags, or paper bags.
    • We do not accept any clothing with a moth ball, storage or smoke odor.
    • We do not accept any clothing with pet hair.

The amount we pay is based on item condition, brand name, style and current inventory levels. Please understand that some items cannot be purchased based on condition, current inventory levels and our past sales experience.

The Process:

  1. Please call before you bring your items in - at certain times of the year we run out of storage space and aren't able to accept items.
  2. Clothing may be dropped off any time during weekday business hours Monday -Friday.  We do not accept any clothing on the weekends unless prior arrangements have been made
  3. We accept up to 2 totes at a time.
  4. No appointment is necessary but you will need to leave your items with us.
  5. Your items go into our customer lineup to be checked.  The lineup is checked in the order of when we received it.  When processing is completed we will call you.
  6. Any of your items we think we can resell we will pay you CASH (Check) or Store Credit.  Store Credit includes a bonus percentage.
  7. Items we don’t think we can resell are returned to you.
  8. You are required to pickup your items within 3 days after we call to inform that your items have been processed.